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Additive at Scale

We are a multidisciplinary team of engineers along with designers and technicians who live and breathe technology development. As a premier end-to-end solution provider , we offer engineering and scale-up manufacturing services.

Intelligent Nano-Fiber

Intelligent Fiber is an absorbent nano-material that can capture multiple variations of toxins, breaking them down into non-toxic compounds. When impregnated into a base material, the material can be tuned to turn colors based on chemical detection and will self-decontaminate with exposure to UV radiation or direct sunlight. The material can be adopted and used to create breathing masks, adsorption rags, and air filters for commercial air handle. Our initial application is in creating marine bilge pumps to mitigate oil spill risk, but market and application expansion in air filtration and personal protective equipment is expected in 2020-2021.

We have adapted this technology to address the current COVID-19 crisis by providing a solution to easily convert standard masks into higher performing masks, capable of collecting finer materials, including the COVID-19 virus itself. The nanofiber in question adheres to most surfaces, even glass, by applying it through a cost-effective spray system. Through such a system, we can adhere our material to any low-grade filter and vastly improve its performance and capacity to keep the individuals from coming into direct contact with the pathogen.

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MERV is a patented, hydraulically-expandable boat that trailers at 10-feet but is 14-feet wide in the water. It’s uniquely designed, V-shaped center, allows multiple work-modules to be mounted in the same boat. This allows tasks such as dock work, trash collection, algae cleanup and numerous other tasks off a 26’ work deck. The boat also functions as an oil skimmer or marine fire skid.

The first two MERVs were produced in Morgan City, LA, and one was recently in use at Texas A&M Univeristy Corpus Christi for student training and oil clean-up.

Texas Tactical

TX Tactical offers premier tactical gear for first responders, military communities, and recreational enthusiasts. We are the innovative force compiling purpose-built and mission-ready products for those who demand greatness, protect their country and community, and dare to be bold. Innovative, reliable, and cutting-edge gear shouldn’t be hard to track down – That’s why we’ve done the work for you. Shop all tested, vetted, and TX Tactical approved products, for mission success and to get home safe.

Tracks North America

Tracks North America is home to the Wolverine and its military sibling, the MPEP.

The Wolverine is a tracked forklift capable of lifting 5,000 lbs., with a fixed undercarriage and all-terrain tracks that enable it to transport its cargo on any surface and up to a 60-degree incline. The unit features a universal skid-steer attachment plate that allows virtually any standard skid-steer attachment to be utilized on the machine. In addition, the machine is equipped with a hydraulic shifting mast, which provides additional stability and prevents tipping or sliding. Each machine includes a 36-hp Kubota diesel engine, has a top speed of 22mph, and carries a 5-gallon diesel tank for up to 12 hours of operating time.

Tracks North America Website


The Intelli-Platform is Wi-Fiber’s unique and proprietary approach to smart-city functionality and real-time connectivity.

Wi-Fiber transforms city lampposts into smart hubs. Wi-Fiber enables edge computing and video analytics that provide curfew enforcement, license plate recognition, and gunshot detection while simultaneously providing public access to Wi-Fi.

First responders can use Wi-Fiber for surveillance and traffic control as the system communicates directly through a pure wireless infrastructure.